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Franchise Attorney Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Drumm law started out in a basement and has grown exponentially since. Our law firm takes a new spin on the traditional outlook of franchise law in Milwaukee. Most law firms are inefficient and outdated and we challenge the status quo. We don’t have a downtown office and we are available virtually so we may answer any of your questions at any time. Drumm Law began with the idea that a law firm should be treated like a business and run like a business.

Why Drumm Law As Your Milwaukee Franchise Attorneys

Drumm law is a virtual law firm that is available throughout the country and right here in the town of Milwaukee Wisconsin. We pride ourselves in giving sound, business-based legal advice, and our lawyers treat your money like their own. We also have high overhead, excessive staffing, and billable hours to ensure you’re not breaking the bank and get the attention you need to assist with any of your legal needs. 

We also use call, email, text, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook, Linkedin, and whatever else you can think of to greet our clients. If you’d like to meet us in person, we have conference rooms available, but we’d rather discuss your legal needs over lunch and drinks.

Drumm Law’s Different Legal Services in Wisconsin


Beer Attorney

We’ve been servicing the beer industry since 2010. We currently have breweries in over 31 states and have serviced over 100+ franchise systems. We can assist with copyrights, trademarks, licensing, distribution agreements, and more!

Trademark Law

Drumm Law works to protect your brand at an affordable cost. We’ll guide you on the path to brand protection with our expertise and technology. For one flat fee, we will work to file your trademarks and obtain the best protection. We can also see unregistered trademarks within the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We can also prepare, file, and submit your application. We make it hassle-free and easy for all your trademark disputes. Let our experts who’ve helped hundreds of companies submit thousands of trademarks nationwide. 

Business Law

The talented team of Drumm law attorneys can address clients’ needs from business formations, partner buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate formation, structuring and restructuring, general contract review, and negotiation. 

Dispute Resolution

Let’s face it, most conflicts occur due to a lack of communication. At the end of the day, it’s usually the one with good lawyers that win the case. Clients can rest assured that Drumm Law Attorneys can formulate and develop non-judicial resolutions to disputes and miscommunications without becoming the subject of litigation attributable to their experiences.

Real Estate Law

Drumm Law can assist in Real Estate in terms of leases that allow clients and businesses to succeed. Our service includes commercial lease reviews, lease negotiations, lease disputes, and contract disputes. 

Copyright Law

Copyright is the act of acquiring ownership and the avoidance of ideas as simple as a logo being stolen and copied. Did you know that a one-time copyright filing is good for 95 to 120 years? Drumm Law can help you enforce your copyrights, prevent copyright infringement, register, or even license your copyrights.

General Counsel

Drumm Law offers companies effective and reasonably priced “outside general counsel” services nationwide. The advantages of general counsel services are similar to those of in-house counsel, with the added flexibility of using them only as necessary.

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Drumm Law is a virtual law firm that offers various legal services assured to be high-quality and reasonably priced. Contact Drumm Law and connect to a pool of talented lawyers worldwide for any legal assistance and advice at the comfort of your technology.