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Franchise Legal Players: Mike Drumm of Drumm Law

1851 Interviews the Highest Profile Attorneys in Franchising for the 2018 Franchise Legal Player Awards


Franchise Legal Player Awards | Q&A with Mike Drumm

1851 Interviews the Highest Profile Attorneys in Franchising


Top 10 Things to Look for When Choosing an Attorney for Your Franchise

Franchise attorney Michael Drumm explains what to look for when selecting the right attorney for you.


Legal issues facing brewers

In this week’s episode, we talk to our Beer Attorney, Mike Drumm, about some of the legal issues facing brewers.


Why Your FDD Sucks

The Franchise Manual Podcast – Episode #12 – Why Your FDD Sucks Mike Drumm of Drumm Law in Denver, Colorado tells us why your company’s FDD might suck. He points out issues in an FDD’s content and style that could make or break an FDD’s ability to help you sell your concept to prospective franchisees. Mike gave away most of the company secrets during this interview!


Mike Drumm: The Way Forward, as the Covid Crisis Continues…

Today I am going to continue the “Covid Crisis” conversation with Mike Drumm, a franchise lawyer and friend.  Mike and I will discuss some of the immediate legal implications that this moment in time is having on our businesses and our lives and we will look ahead to the extent that we can, on what franchisors need to consider, as pertains to everything from FDD renewals, to functioning in your business.  Drumm has built his legal practice, which consists of 24 professionals, on a virtual office model and has some inciteful tips to share about how to operate your business remotely.