Franchise Law

Drumm Law works with Franchisors of all sizes across all industries. Our expertise comes from our experience (we currently represent over 80 Franchisor brands and we filed over 400 state filings in 2014). We serve as “outside general counsel” to our franchisors to assist them with their franchise legal needs.


Franchise Disclosure Documents

We work with businesses to launch their franchise program at a flat fee. Our fee includes drafting the Franchise Disclosure Document (as many drafts as are needed to match the documents to your business systems) as well as all telephone conferences and meetings that are needed to launch the franchise program. Our fee includes all exhibits needed to offer franchises in all fifty states as well as drafting a financial performance representation (we don’t “upcharge” like other law firms).

Franchise Annual Updates

We work with existing franchise systems to perform the required annual update each year. In addition to the calendar updates, we update the franchise documents to reflect the changes in the laws as well as business updates to make your documents easier to use and understand… all at flat fee pricing.

State Registrations and Renewals

14 states require the annual registration of the franchise documents. Unlike other law firms, we charge one flat fee for each state that includes all revisions to the franchise documents and responses to the state examiner comment letters.

Working with Franchisees

We assist our franchisors from negotiation of the franchise agreement all the way to termination and beyond. We counsel our franchisors on effective ways to enforce and maintain system standards. We use a “litigation avoidance” approach when dealing with franchisee issues.

And Everything Else…

Real estate issues, vendor contracts, state compliance, trademarks, mergers and acquisition. If you have a franchise legal need, we can help.


Non-Franchise Arrangements

Have a product or service that you want to get out through non-franchise methods? We can work with you license agreements, dealership programs and distribution systems.


We have drafted, reviewed, or rewritten hundreds of Franchise Disclosure Documents. While we primarily work with franchisors, we will do a flat fee review and analysis of the franchise documents for prospective franchisees. We will assist you in understanding the franchise that you are purchasing and the associated risks and pitfalls.

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