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Chicago, Illinois Franchise Attorney Services

Drumm Law began by embracing the idea that making a difference is good. We believe that law firms should be treated like a business and be run like one. With this, we challenge the status quo by taking a new spin on the traditional outlook toward franchise law firms in Chicago. Most law firms are outdated and inefficient; Drumm Law brings a spin to law firms by being powered by technology. We do not have a downtown office, but we are always available virtually and willing to attend and answer your questions at any time.

Why should you hire Drumm Law as your Chicago Franchise Attorney?

Drumm law is a virtual law firm that relies on technology, specialization, and quality people that provide legal services to clients from all over the country, including Chicago, Illinois. We challenge the status quo by departing the inefficient and outdated practices done mainly by other law firms and treating and running our law firm like a business. We take pride in providing practical, business-oriented legal advice. Our lawyers value your money and strive to provide efficient and valuable legal services. Here at Drumm Law, we have a high overhead, excessive staffing, and billable hours that assure you that you are not breaking the bank and receiving the service you require to aid with any of your legal needs. 


We do not have an expensive downtown office; instead, we connect and communicate with our clients through Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook, Linkedin, and other technology-empowered platforms where we can meet and greet our clients. While we are primarily available virtually, our clients can still meet us in person at their discretion as we have conference rooms available; however, we’d prefer to discuss our clients’ legal requirements over lunch and drinks.

Different Legal Services offered by Drumm Law in Chicago


Beer Attorney

Since 2010, we’ve been providing services to the beer industry. We currently have breweries in 31 states and service more than 100 franchise systems. We can help with copyright, trademarks, licensing, and distribution agreements, among other things!

Trademark Law

Drumm Law works hard to protect your brand at a low cost. With our expertise and technology, we’ll lead you down the path to brand protection. We will work with you to file your trademarks and obtain the best possible protection for a single flat fee. Unregistered trademarks can also be found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Your application can also be prepared, filed, and submitted by us. We make all of your trademark disputes simple and painless. Allow our experts, who have assisted hundreds of companies in submitting thousands of trademark applications across the country, to assist you.

Business Law

Drumm law’s talented team of attorneys can handle each of our client’s needs from business formations to partner buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate formation, structuring and restructuring, general contract review and negotiation.

Dispute Resolution

Let’s face it, most conflicts happen due to a lack of communication.Ultimately, the one with the best lawyers usually wins the case. Drumm Law Attorneys can assure clients that they can formulate and develop non-judicial solutions to disputes and miscommunications without becoming the subject of litigation as a result of their experiences.

Real Estate Law

Drumm Law can help with Real Estate leases that allow clients and businesses to succeed. Commercial lease reviews, lease negotiations, lease disputes, and contract disputes are all part of our service.

Copyright Law

A logo, like any other work of art, should be protected. Drumm Law’s team works to assist our clients in acquiring ownership, registering, licensing, and enforcing their copyrights over their products in order to prevent copyright infringement. A single copyright filing can safeguard your design for 95 to 120 years.

General Counsel

Drumm Law offers a general counsel service that does not require a full-time salary and benefits but is always available whenever our client needs it. We provide businesses across the country with efficient and cost-effective “outside general counsel” services. Our outside general counsel service offers the same benefits as in-house counsel while allowing our clients to use our services only when they are required.

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Drumm Law is a virtual law firm that provides a wide range of legal services that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. Contact Drumm Law to connect with a pool of talented lawyers around the world for legal assistance and advice from the comfort of your own technology.